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Dr Francesco Masia

Dr Francesco Masia


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+44 (0)29 2087 9037
Adeilad Syr Martin Evans, Rhodfa'r Amgueddfa, Caerdydd, CF10 3AX
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Since my undergraduate studies, I have considered the research on light-matter interaction as one of the most fascinating areas in modern physics. Within my postdoctoral experience, I had the exceptional opportunity to work at the forefront of two pioneering research fields, namely the study of the optical properties of metallic and semiconductor nanostructures using ultrafast nonlinear spectroscopy, and the development of advanced label-free multiphoton microscopy techniques for cell imaging. I have developed several algorithms for unsupervised data/image analysis/factorisation (for the analysis of complex datasets, including hyperspectral images and multidimensional data), as well as classification analysis. I am currently developing a lab-on chip biosensor based on photonic crystal cavities for early diagnostics of infectious diseases.

New postdoctoral research associate position avaliable to work in the biosensor activity (link)!!


I was born in Colleferro, Italy, in 1979. I received my diploma degree in Physics from the University of Rome "La Sapienza" in 2003, and my PhD in Physics in 2007. I moved to Cardiff University in 2006 as Research Associate. I am currently a Rising Star Fellow

Anrhydeddau a Dyfarniadau

  • 2004: Young Scientist Award at EMRS Spring Meeting.
  • 2005: "Italo Federico Quercia" Prize at XCI National Conference of the Italian Physics Society.
  • 2008: Intra European Fellowship for Career Development, 2008-2010FP7 Marie-Curie Actions Funding Scheme
  • 2011: European Reintegration Grant, 2011-2014 FP7 Marie-Curie Actions Funding Scheme
  • 2018: Rising Star Fellowship: 2018-2022 Welsh Government

Pwyllgorau ac adolygu

  • Steering comitte, Cardiff material research network
  • Reviewer of several international journals


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