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Yr Athro Roger Whitaker

Yr Athro Roger Whitaker

College Dean of Research
Professor of Mobile and Social Computing

Yr Ysgol Cyfrifiadureg a Gwybodeg

I’m interested in the fusion between human and machine intelligence. From technologies such as social media, smartphones and embedded AI, there is now a much greater opportunity to understand the combined effects and implications of different forms of intelligence, both artificial and human. I explore this through simulation, data science, high performance computing as well as observational studies of human behavior and technology. This work is interdisciplinary, including engineering, sociology and psychology. Funders including IBM and EPSRC support my current research.

Current key projects and roles include:

  • Academic Director of Supercomputing Wales – a £15 Million collaboration between The Universities of Aberystwyth, Bangor, Cardiff and Swansea, that provides Wales with a national research facility for simulation and AI. This supports the EPSRC CDT in AI, Machine Learning and Advanced Computing.
  • Co-director of Data Innovation Accelerator, a £3.6 Million project supported by European Regional Development funding to provide 80 collaborations on Data Science and AI projects to 80 businesses. This funding supports a team of data scientists and staff for outreach and knowledge exchange.
  • Project leader for the US/UKDistributed Analytics and Information Sciences International Technology Alliance (DAIS ITA, 2016-2026) funded by the US & UK Governments and led by IBM. My involvement focuses on the Evolution of Human Systems in collaboration with Penn State, Yale and University of Massachusetts.
  • Dean of Research for the College of Physical Sciences and Engineering. I support Pro-Vice Chancellors in research management and strategy across seven disciplines.



















I am interested in mobile and biosocial computing (mobisoc). In particular I focus on:

  • The extending role of smartphones;
  • Sociality, groups and networks;
  • Human nature and behaviour.

These interests reflect that human cognition and technology are closely linked, with smartphones and social networks playing fundamental roles in the delivery and collection of diverse information. I explore the interaction between humans and technology using in-the-wild, social simulation and empirical studies. This research is conducted through the mobisoc-lab. Read more about mobisoc-lab projects and technology and human nature.