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Dr Emily Cox

Dr Emily Cox

Research Associate

Yr Ysgol Seicoleg

+44 (0)29 2087 0838
Adeilad y Tŵr, Plas y Parc, Caerdydd, CF10 3AT


Research summary

I am a researcher in environmental  policy and social psychology, with an interest in risk and resilience. I am  currently employed as a Research Associate on a Leverhulme Trust project on the  social acceptability of climate engineering. I completed my PhD from the  University of Sussex on the topic of energy security in low-carbon electricity  systems. I am interested in all aspects of low-carbon  transitions, but particularly risk, public attitudes and behaviours, and energy  policy, and I am involved in ongoing  collaborations involving energy security, energy policy, and nuclear power. I  previously worked as an interdisciplinary researcher for Oxford University, the  Royal Academy of Engineering, and the energy utility E.ON, and I work  occasionally as an event manager for Greenpeace.

Teaching summary

I am not  currently teaching in my role at Cardiff. In my previous roles I taught Energy  and Climate Policy for 4 years at Master’s level and for 2 years at  Undergraduate level, and I worked for Teach First as a Key Stage 3 tutor. I also worked as a teacher trainer for PhD students and  environmental NGOs.


Undergraduate education

2006-2009: BSc International Relations (1st  Class), University of Southampton

Postgraduate education

2010-2012: MSc Climate Change and Policy (Distinction),  University of Sussex

2012-2016: PhD in Energy Policy, “Assessing the energy  security of low-carbon electricity systems”. Supervised by Prof Jim Watson (UK  Energy Research Centre), Dr Florian Kern (Sussex Energy Group) and Matt  Copeland (E.ON Technologies UK).


October 2017 – present day: Research Associate,  Understanding Risk Group, University of Cardiff

November 2016 – October 2017: events manager, Greenpeace UK

January 2015 – November 2016: Research Associate, School of  Global Studies and Department of Business, Management and Economics, University  of Sussex

January 2013 – September 2016: Associate Tutor, SPRU /  Sussex Energy Group, University of Sussex

October 2014 – February 2016: Research intern, Oxford  University Centre for the Environment

June 2014 – October 2014: Interim policy advisor, Royal  Academy of Engineering

February 2014 – June 2014: Researcher (secondment), E.ON  Technologies, Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station

March 2010 – September 2013: Area network co-ordinator,  Greenpeace UK









Research topics and related papers

Sustainability and  Society: The Leverhulme Centre for Climate Change Mitigation (LC3M)

We are conducting a 3-year project on public attitudes to  Carbon Dioxide Removal technologies and Enhanced Weathering for carbon  sequestration. We will be conducting a cross-national survey, a series of  one-to-one expert interviews, and a series of focus groups with members of the  public in the UK and the US, using deliberative methods to explore complex  attitudes and motivations. We will also be working alongside biochemical and  geochemical scientists to foster a multidisciplinary understanding of Enhanced  Weathering techniques.

Other  ongoing research topics include:

  • The ethics  of climate mitigation and carbon dioxide removal
  • The energy  impacts of non-energy policies
  • Energy  security in low-carbon electricity systems
  • Risk in  socio-technical transitions
  • The  imperatives for nuclear power investment in the UK
  • The  conflict and security impacts of decarbonisation
  • The role  of the public in delivering the UK’s carbon targets


My current research project is funded by the Leverhulme  Trust for Climate Change Mitigation.
My PhD was sponsored by a CASE award, jointly by EPSRC and  E.ON Technologies UK.

Research group

I work as part of the Understanding  Risk Research Group, which includes  researchers from various disciplines and methodological backgrounds. The group  has members from within Cardiff University and also works with institutions  such as Nottingham University, Sheffield University and the University of East  Anglia.


Past projects

Media activities


Media activities