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Dr Sioned Pearce

Dr Sioned Pearce

Research Associate, WISERD

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I am currently a Research Associate in political sociology at the Wales Institute for Social and Economic Research Data and Methods (WISERD). My area of expertise is bseda round the impact of devolution upon anti-poverty strategy in Wales, and my research interests include:

  • constitutional change;
  • social policy;
  • welfare states;
  • social justice;
  • the impact of research in policy and civil society.

I am currently part of two projects entitled:

 - 'The producers and consumers of research', a qualitative, Wales-based study which examines the impact of academic research upon anti-poverty strategy in a devolved context and upon civil society.

- 'Young people and political engagement', a mixed methods UK-wide examination of the impact of key political events upon youth engagement and democratic participation. Please see pop-up website for details: http://www.wiserd.ac.uk/young-people-and-brexit/


I began my research career in the Centre for Regional, Economic and Social Research at Sheffield Hallam University in 2007 working on a government commissioned evaluation of New Deal for Communities in deprived areas of England.

I then went on to complete my PhD on the impact of devolution and constitutional change upon anti-poverty strategy using Wales as a case study, at CRESR in 2011. Findings from the PhD included the paradoxical nature of state-led community development and complex dialectical duality emerging through a purposed closer interface between state and society with the advent of devolution.

From 2011 I worked as researcher in the third sector in Wales investigating, analysing and demystifying policies affecting social change, welfare and social justice in planning and health. Specifically I worked at Planning Aid Wales providing research support for a team of planners who aimed to make the system more accessible to non-planners and Tenovus, a Wales-based cancer charity, providing research support, carrying out evaluations to improve service delivery for those affected by cancer and running/evaluating creative writing support groups also for people affected by cancer.

Since 2015 I have worked as a Research Associate at the Wales Institute for Social and Economic Research Data and Methods (WISERD) within Cardiff University's School of Social Sciences.

My current three year project is part of the WISERD Civil Society Research Centre investigating the impact of civil society research on policy, third and public sectors in Wales and applying critical discourse analysis and associated political theory.













I lecture in politics, social policy and the welfare state within the School of Social Sciences and the School of Modern Languages (for ERASMUS students).

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