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 Cheng Lu

Cheng Lu

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Room 1.51, Adeilad Bute, Rhodfa'r Brenin Edward VII, Caerdydd, CF10 3NB

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Cheng Lu holds a Master’s Degree in the direction of Human Living Environment and Art Heritage from the Taiyuan University of Technology (TYUT), in China. In October 2021, she started her PhD studies at the Welsh School of Architecture (WSA) of Cardiff University. Since 2013, she has  been involved in the planning and design, protection and renovation of ancient buildings, and other related projects in china .Then shehas also been involved with teaching Architectural Drawing and CAD, Introduction to design and other related courses.


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My research in progress that is continue to work on the improvement of urban environmental quality. The research will be focused on the area of the restoring and renovating the small and micro green landscapes. In this way, the integration of inefficient space resources, the improvement of the quality of the living environment in the region, the intimacy of the residents of the old and new city streets and the inheritance and protection of the unique human culture in the old districts can be truly realized.


Mhairi McVicar

Yr Athro Mhairi McVicar

Project Lead, Community Gateway

Federico Wulff

Dr Federico Wulff

Senior Lecturer of Architecture and Urban Design
MA AD Course Director


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