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 Xuan Shen

Xuan Shen

Myfyriwr ymchwil, Ysgol Pensaernïaeth Cymru

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Xuan has significant work experience in urban planning in China. She has participated in various well known projects, such as the 2010 Shanghai EXPO overall master plan, Three Gorges Dam Regional Sustainable Urban Design and the Ecological master plan of Nanning Yong River.

Xuan graduated from Cardiff University with a Distinction Master’s degree in Theory and Practice of Sustainable Design. She also studied at Shanghai Tongji University, attaining a Master’s degree in Urban Planning and Design. She is currently doing her PhD on the topic of “Climate Change Adaptation Public Street Renovation and its Practices in China’s Hot Summer and Cold Winter Areas”.


Traethawd ymchwil

Climate-Change-Adaptation Public Street Renovation and its Practices in China’s Hot Summer and Cold Winter Areas

Climate Change, as the greatest challenge to humanity, is predicted to potentially damage every natural and human system on the planet (IPCC, 2007; Garnaut, 2008). However, traditional urban design methodology is unable to deal with those issues, and sometimes even aggravates the negative influences caused by extreme weather. Meanwhile, the significance of the public street to both climate change mitigation and sustainability delivery is obvious and considerable, because 15%-20% of urban land is public street (Gehl, 1987). This research will focus on the study of hot summer and cold winter areas. Meanwhile, all retrofit effectiveness is largely influenced by the economic background and by social issues. Projects in China will be chosen to test and evaluate the retrofit effectiveness.

The Research aims to explore a new design method of urban public street renovation to enhance the adaptive capacity to climate change, and to examine its practices in China’s hot summer and cold winter area from a sustainable perspective.