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 Shariffah SY Yusoff Fadzil

Shariffah SY Yusoff Fadzil

Myfyriwr ymchwil, Ysgol Pensaernïaeth Cymru

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Shariffah SY Yusoff Fadzil has 12 years’ experience as an architect. Working at various private and semi private architectural companies in Birmingham, United Kingdom. She became a chartered architect (Part 3 RIBA) in 1999 and has a Certificate membership of The Green Register of Construction Professionals from February 2012.

She gained a BA Hons. in Architecture from Birmingham City University in 1998. Shariffah also completed her Master of Arts in Architecture (Professional Studies) at Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University in September 2010.


Traethawd ymchwil

Analysis of the life cycle impacts of temporary shelters in disaster flood area of Malaysia

Every year Malaysia suffers monsoon season flooding. The extent of the damage to victims’ accommodation and belongings are substantially high.

The Focus of this research is to analyse the life cycle of temporary shelters that have been used in the flood disaster area of the East Coast of Malaysia. The east coast was selected because they suffer the most frequent recurrences of floods in Malaysia. This part is also known as the worst flood area every annual monsoon season. These flood problems have become worse each year. An investigation and thorough research is urgently needed to mitigate these problems.

An aftermath of a recent flood was that thousands of victims became homeless. Victims are desperate to find shelter for their families and salvaged belongings.

This research is to increase awareness of sustainability issues in terms of materials to be used for future shelters and also to help victims, NGO, stakeholders and the government to better prepare for the upcoming flood event and understand the impacts of existing materials that have been used and also to establish weaknesses and advantages.