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Kiranjit Bains

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Honours and Awards

2016: Naylor Prize Winner: Undergraduate Project Work: Clinical Review
2013: International Student Scholarship: Cardiff University
2008: Faculty of Science Entrance Scholarship: University of Waterloo
2008: Sikh Youth Educational Foundation Award

Professional Memberships

- Registered with the General Optical Council (Reg. No: 01-30413)
- Member of the College of Optometrists (MCOptom)
- Association of Optometrists

Academic Overview

2017: Clinical Supervision: OP2201: Clinical Studies and Dispensing, School of Optometry and Vision Sciences, Cardiff University

Educational and Professional Qualifications

2016: BSc. Optometry, Cardiff University, UK
2012: BSc. Honours Biomedical Sciences, University of Waterloo, Canada

External Committees/Memberships

2013--present: Member of Association of Optometrists
2013-present: Member of the College of Optometrists (MCOptom)


Diddordebau ymchwil

Research Overview

I plan to conduct a body of research to clarify a number of aspects of cell-cell communication in the cornea. In order to do this, keratocytes will be cultivated in 3D culture systems to investigate the structures responsible for such communication to occur (i.e. gap junctions, integrins, and cadherins). These findings will then facilitate the study of the type of cell-cell communication that occurs in human induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell derived constructs via immunofluorescence microscopy and 3D electron microscopy. This knowledge will aid in constructing more robust ex-vivo corneal epithelial cell constructs for transplantation to treat ocular surface disease.

Research Collaborators

Professor Julie Daniels, Institute of Ophthalmology, University College London: Co-author of review Article about tissue engineering of the corneal epithelium for the treatment of ocular surface disease
Professor Kohji Nishida, Department of Ophthalmology, Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine, Japan


Andrew Quantock

Yr Athro Andrew Quantock

Director of Research

Rob Young

Dr Rob Young

Research Fellow

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