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 Nicola Savory

Nicola Savory

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I am an experienced midwife working at the University Hospital of Wales. Alongside my clinical duties, I have for the past few years worked as a research midwife with researchers in the School of Biosciences on 'Grown in Wales' a study exploring gene expression in placental tissue and its relation to maternal mood. My PhD proposal is to further develop the area of work relating to perinatal mental health though a study exploring the incidence of perinatal mental disorders in Wales, women's experiences of  access to care and midwives training needs.

I have been awarded RCBC Fellowship to undertake this research and I am pleased to be able to continue working with the Schools in the College of Biomendical & Life Sciences with combined expertise in genetics, mental health, midwifery and service delivery.


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My research interests include antenatal care of pregnant women, their experiences and relationships with midwives.

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Identifying Barriers to the Provision of Perinatal Metal Health Services


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