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Research Topics and Related Projects

My PhD project deals with investigating the role of ocular fibroblasts in determining tissue biomechanics in healthy and diseased eyes. The biomechanical properties of the eyeball tunic (cornea + sclera) are vital for healthy vision. Ocular biomechanics is governed by the load-bearing extracellular matrix, with dynamic control by mechano-sensitive fibroblast cells. Mechanical deterioration of the eye can lead to permanent vision loss in conditions such as myopia and glaucoma. While the role of the extracellular matrix in determining ocular tissue mechanics has been extensively researched, cellular contributions remain largely unknown. A better understanding of the cellular aspects of ocular biomechanics will help to drive the development of new eye treatments.

PhD supervisors

Hanxing Zhu (Primary supervisor)

Emma Blain (Secondary supervisor)

Craig Boote (Secondary supervisor)

Educational and Professional Qualifications

2014-2016: MSc, Biophysics (1 Hons), Sofia University

2010-2014: BSc, Molecular biology (1 Hons), Sofia University



Honours and Awards

2015-2016 – Erasmus mobility grant, University of Strasbourg


Diddordebau ymchwil


EPSRC DTP PhD Studentship (ENGIN/OPTOM/BIOSI), 2016-2020

Research Collaborators

Prof. Ahmed Elsheikh, School of Engineering, University of Liverpool.


Han Xing Zhu

Dr Han Xing Zhu

Senior Lecturer - Teaching and Research

Dr Emma Blain

Dr Emma Blain


Craig Boote

Dr Craig Boote

Senior lecturer

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