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 Sanyam Vyas

Sanyam Vyas

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PhD researcher in the School of Computer Science and Informatics, specifically focusing on Automated Cyber Defence (see Research for more detail).
Funded by: Airbus Defence and EPSRC


MEng with Honours Computer Science and Electronics, University of Bristol (2017-2021)
- Individual Research Project (4th year): Privacy-preserving Fall Detection System for Digital Health. 
- Industrial Research Placement (3rd year): AI-based Network Intrusion Detection System using Transfer Learning

Work Experience:

- Teaching Assistant at Cardiff School of Computer Science and Informatics (10/2022-06/2023)
- Cyber Security Outreach Officer at Cardiff School of Computer Science and Informatics (11/2021-07/2022)
- Industrial Research Placement (3rd year) and Summer Intern at Toshiba Europe (01/2020-09/2020)


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Research Elaborated:

My area of research lies in Automated Cyber Defence, which revolves around a game-playing environment featuring fully autonomous AI-based red and blue (attacker and defender) agents. The agents are to combat one another through the involvement of various adversarial AI and cyber attacks for a holistic purpose of strengthening the defence system of an enterprise network.

Research areas of interest within Automated Cyber Defence:

- Explainabliity of the fully autonomous AI agents
- Increasing realism of the terrain (enterprise networks) utilised for the deployment of fully autonomous AI agents
- Adversarial AI-based attacks 


- CMT121 Penetration Testing and Malware Analysis (10/2022-02/2023)
- CMT316 Applications of Machine Learning (10/2022-06/2023)
- CMT307 Applied Machine Learning (02/2023-06/2023)


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