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 Vasilis Ieropoulos

Vasilis Ieropoulos

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I am a research student in cybersecurity at the School of Computer Science & Informatics. My research interests revolve around the security of embedded devices, radio frequency and Internet of Things devices. More specifically, I research how machine learning methods can be used to defend such systems or how out of the box solutions can be used to attack these kinds of devices. In addition, my research focuses on how embedded resource constrained devices can be used collaboratively to defend against different kinds of malicious attacks.

Currently working on :

  • Enabling Federated Learning on resource constrained devices

Presented at :

Current amateur radio RF projects :

  1. LoRa-APRS enabled rocket tracker for long range , low energy hobby rocket position finding

  2. Fire detection and positional updates using NASA's VIIRS satellites on APRS

  3. TinyGS, Plane tracking, Weather satellite image receiver, Radio sonde tracker



  • Cybersecurity Operations

  • Penetration Testing and Malware analysis

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Machine learning threat detection for low complexity edge deployment: threats, risks and mitigations (with Toshiba)

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Dr Eirini Anthi

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