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 Qipeng Gao

Qipeng Gao

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I am a PGR student in Cardiff University. My research focuses mainly on videogame localisation quality assessment. I am also a freelance translator working between Chinese and English.


Diddordebau ymchwil

I am currently working on my Phd on videogame localisation, especially on quality assessment and further training advice. I have always been interested in videogames and have played various games. As a translation student, I am particularly intrigued by the localisation aspect of videogame and by the arguments over the improvement of its quality. I hope that, through my research and my knowledge of translation, I could have a deepened understanding of videogames as a powerful medium and a fascinating material for translation studies. My current pursuit of my research objective follows the study of narrative, intending to stress its importance in localisation process and helpfulness in building a quality assessment model.


I have been given the chance to partake in the following teaching:

- MLANG online learning course 'Working with Translation' (November - December) (March - April)

Traethawd ymchwil

Videogame Localisation: Quality Assessment and Suggestion on Academic Training

The current research project has two main aims: first, to propose a practical videogame localisation quality assessment model, and second, to provide suggestion on future academic training. The research intends to work with actual case studies of localised games to support the criteria proposed to build up the assessment model, as well as to showcase its potential application in localisation practice. The research also intends to interview videogame localisation practitioners and other scholars/researchers working on related topics, in order to better identify the position as well as the practicality of the quality assessment model to-be-proposed in actual industry.



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