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 Khawlah Alfaifi

Khawlah Alfaifi

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Research Overview
My research aims to further explore the focusing system of the eyes (i.e., accommodation). Also, it aims to assess some clinical methods involving measurements of accommodation accuracy and speed in changing the eye’s focus between two different distances. 

Educational and Professional Qualifications
2020 – Present: Ph.D., Vision Science, Cardiff University, UK
2017-2019: MSc, Vision Science, Pacific University, USA
2009-2014: BSc, Optometry and Vision Sciences, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

Academic Positions/Work Experience

  • 2021 – Present: Postgraduate Representative at the School of Optometry, Cardiff University, UK

  • 2021 – Present: Postgraduate Tutor for Binocular Vision and Optometric Neurophysiology (OP2204), Cardiff University, UK

  • 2017 – 2018: Research Assistant, School of Optometry and Vision Sciences, Pacific University, USA

  • 2014 – 2015: Optometrist, Elite Hospital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Conference/seminar presentations
2020, Saudi Ophthalmology Symposium (SOS), Virtual Meeting (oral presentation)
2019, American Academy of Optometry (AAOpt), Orlando, USA (oral presentation)


Diddordebau ymchwil

In the absence of a visual stimulus, the focusing system of the eyes (i.e., accommodation system) enters the resting state which also called Tonic Accommodation (TA). My research project aims to understand the impact of TA value on accommodation dynamics.


Fergal Ennis

Dr Fergal Ennis

Director of Teaching, Lecturer, BSc Optometry Director of Board of Studies

Maggie Woodhouse

Dr Margaret Woodhouse

Senior Lecturer

 Matthew Dunn

Dr Matt Dunn


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