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 Michael Howard

Michael Howard

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I am a PhD researcher focusing on Intellectual Property and Competition Law. I transferred to the School of Law and Politics at Cardiff University in 2020 having begun my research at the School of Law, Bangor University. Beyond my PhD I want to work in teaching in Higher Education. My research interests focus on IP use in the digital sector and the effect on competition and consumers. As the economy moves increasingly towards a digital and online future it will be vital to ensure proper functioning of markets in this economic sector.


Diddordebau ymchwil

  • Digital app stores such as the Google Play store and the impact of technologies such as digital rights management and interoperability code on competition in these markets. 

  • The Use of Selective Distribution Networks to control Internet Sales

  • The Implications of the Magill ruling for Derivative Digital media

  • The Different Regulation of Derivative digital media in the US and the European Union


I have taught the Trade Mark and Passing Off elements of Intellectual Property at Bangor University. I designed, wrote and delivered my own materials.

Traethawd ymchwil

An Analysis of Competition Law issues and the application of the Essential Facilities doctrine to the use of Intellectual Property Law rights by Digital Application Marketplaces


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