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Jack Lovell Price

Myfyriwr ymchwil, Philosophy, Ysgol Saesneg, Cyfathrebu ac Athroniaeth

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I am a PhD student funded by the AHRC through the South, West and Wales Doctoral Training Partnership. This means I am co-supervised by Dr Andrew Edgar in Cardiff (Dr Peter Sedgwick during 2015-16) and Dr Christine Hauskeller in Exeter. I completed both my BA History of Ideas and Philosophy and MA Analytic and Modern European Philosophy in Cardiff. My research interests include phenomenology, critical theory and broader issues relating to selfhood, identity and society.


Diddordebau ymchwil

Phenomenology, Critical Theory, Identity and Selfhood, Other Minds, Social Philosophy, Max Scheler

Traethawd ymchwil

Mind and Self in Society: Phenomenology as Social Philosophy

Critics of phenomenology have often focused on the difficulties phenomenologists, particularly in the Husserlian tradition, have in accounting for the existence of other minds. Conversely, critical theory and (post)structuralist social theory can seem to erase the individual subject, accounting instead for superstructural social forces in which subjectivity is irrelevant. By drawing on the work of thinkers such as Max Scheler, I hope to address ways in which phenomenological philosophy can account for social formations and the 'other' more generally, in a way which reinserts individual subjectivity into our understanding of broader social phenomena.

Ffynhonnell ariannu

AHRC through the South, West and Wales Doctoral Training Partnership



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