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 Daniel Baker

Daniel Baker

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I am a SWW DTP Doctoral student working on the emotions of French Fascism in the Milice française during the Second World War under supervison of Professor Kevin Passmore, Professor Hanna Diamond and Dr Joan Tumblety at the University of Southampton.


University of London Institute in Paris, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in French Studies and History, First Class Honours with Distinction in Spoken French. Dr Charlotte Legg, Dr Edouard Morena Courts, Collective Memory and Resistance: Lessons from Riom (1940-42). Distinction. 

King’s College London, Master of Arts in  Modern History, Distinction. MA Dissertation supervised by Professor Richard Vinen - Orchestrating Manoeuvres in the Dark years: The Attitude and Actions of French diplomats during the Second World War 1939-1946. Distinction. 


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Boys don't cry?: A History of Emotions of the Milice française

Project: Boys don’t cry?: A History of Emotions of the Milice française 1943-44

My Thesis will examine the emotional communities which formed the Milice française, a Nazi-funded French Militia which was formed in 1943 to combat the Resistance. Part of the ‘Emotional turn’, my work moves past ideological and sociological arguments for motivation and instead probes further,  looking at how their emotions contributed to their decision to join La Milice française. 

By examining court records from their post-war épuration trial, we can reconstruct the emotional community in which they found themselves,  nuancing our understanding of why and how normal people can come to do such evil things. It’s only by giving these miliciens ‘parole’, that we can fully understand them. 

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UK Arts & Humanities Research Council, South, West and Wales Doctoral Training Partnership



Yr Athro Kevin Passmore

Professor of History


Yr Athro Hanna Diamond

Professor of French History