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 Adelle Bricking

Adelle Bricking

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Howdy! I'm Adelle! I am a PhD researcher from Kentucky, USA. I am also a Finds Liaison Officer at Amgueddfa Cymru/National Museum Wales. I hold a BA in Anthropology from Northern Kentucky University where I had a dual focus on archaeology and cultural anthropology. I moved to Wales in 2016 to complete an MA in archaeology at Cardiff University. My MA dissertation compared human remains in Iron Age hillforts and middens in Wessex, and I fell into a love/hate with the mysterious and varied ways people disposed of their dead in this period. I realised I had barely scratched the surface and wanted to take it further, so now I'm doing a PhD under the diligent supervision dream-team of Dr Rich Madgwick and Prof Niall Sharples!

My PhD thesis is currently very unimaginatively titled "Iron Age mortuary practice in southwest Britain". To complete this project, I am using a holistic approach combining secondary burial data and cutting-edge primary analysis. The secondary research is creating a monstrous database of all human remains data from Iron Age contexts in my region to identify patterns in burial characteristics across the region. The primary research is a targeted histological analysis of human remains from case study sites to reconstruct early post-mortem treatments. Together, a more comprehensive understanding of Iron Age burial in this region will be achieved!