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 Tirion Jenkins

Tirion Jenkins

Myfyriwr ymchwil

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.


  • MA Arts Practice: Art, Health & Wellbeing, University of South Wales (2018-19)
  • BA Geography (International Programme), University College London, First Class Honours (2012-2016)

External Activities/Membership

  • RGS Postgrad Fellow (2019-present)

Diddordebau ymchwil

    ● Blue spaces

    ● Therapeutic landscapes

    ● Surf geographies

    ● Mindfulness

    ● Non-representational theory



  • Making Knowledge: Developing Research Methods II (Seminar Tutor)

Traethawd ymchwil

(Working title) An investigation into the link between surfing and mental health resilience amongst arctic surfers in Iceland

Over the course of my PhD, I seek to explore the relationship between (arctic) surfing, (mental) health and wellbeing. Situated within health geographies and drawing from non-representational theory, I am interested in discourses around blue spaces, therapeutic landscapes, wellbeing and assemblages of materiality. I believe non-representational theory has the potential to shed light on discussions around mindfulness, in the way it which it explores the embodied experience of place and the present.

I will spend the next three years researching arctic surfing and its potential to build mental health resilience, through the immersive and mindful experience of (cold water) surfing. My research will be focused on the case study of arctic surfers in Iceland.