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 Patricia Jimenez

Patricia Jimenez

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A Digital Competence Framework in the making: Perceptions, cultures and practices

My doctoral project consists of an ethnographic study of a Digital Pioneer School in Wales. It looks at how the Digital Competency Framework is integrated into the everyday life of primary school classrooms. The framework was the first element of the New Curriculum for Wales, made public to schools in 2016. It is a cross-curricular element of the curriculum designed to prepare children and young people to become competent 21st century citizens and to position Wales as a digitally advanced nation.

The study looks at the production of digital competency as educational outcome, and as actual, practical, local, and situated understanding formulated through teacher’s instructional practices and other kinds of classroom interactions. The thesis aims to provide insights about the implementation of the framework to inform practice and policy making, as well as to advance sociological understandings of digital technology and our relationship with it.



Dr Jamie Lewis

SAGE Post-doctoral Research Associate


Dr Gareth Thomas

Research Associate