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Rachael Moses

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Effect of Epoxy-Tiglianes, EBC-46 & EBC-211 on Fibroblast and Keratinocyte Wound Healing Responses in Vitro

EBC-46 and EBC-211 are novel epoxy-tigliane compounds occurring within seeds of the Fontain’s Blushwood Tree, indigenous to Queensland’s tropical rainforest. EBC-46 is currently being developed by biotechnology company, QBiotics (www.qbiotics.com/), as a human and veterinary anti-cancer pharmaceutical. In clinical trials, EBC-46 has been shown to stimulate exceptional dermal wound healing responses following tumour destruction, including wound re-epithelialisation, closure and minimal scarring. My research is investigating how epoxy-tiglianes modulate dermal fibroblast and epidermal keratinocyte wound healing responses and their underlying mechanisms of action, to ultimately develop these compounds as treatments for impaired wound healing situations, such as chronic wounds and burns.

Dr Ryan Moseley

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Yr Athro Alastair J Sloan

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Rachel Waddington

Yr Athro Rachel Waddington

Cyfarwyddwr Cyswllt Ymgysylltu a Menter, Professor in Oral Biochemistry, Director of Postgraduate Research Studies