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I am a second year PhD student interested in the mobilisation and transport of seismically sourced sediment in the years following an earthquake.


  • Geomorphology

  • Earth surface processes

  • Landscape evolution

  • Sediment erosion and transport

  • Carbon erosion and transport


Diddordebau ymchwil

My PhD focuses on better constraining how a catchment responds to the loose sediment generated by co-seismic landslides. I aim to achieve this by using landslide and debris flow deposit grain size distributions to determine the importance of debris flows in exporting seismically sourced sediment, with a particular focus on recent earthquakes in Wenchuan and Kaikoura. I intend to use a combination of fieldwork, GIS and python modelling througout my PhD.

My PhD is funded by NERC as part of the GW4+ DTP.


Throughout the first year of my PhD I have demonstated on the following modules as part of the Environmental Geography and Environmental Geoscience undergraduate courses;

  • EA1202 - Earth Surface Processes

  • EA1204 - Geographical Information Systems

  • EA1206 - Environmental Geography Field Skills

  • EA1216 - Fundamentals of Environmental Geography

  • EA2211 - Environmental Field Skills

  • EA2213 - Process Geomorphology



Dr T.C. Hales

Cyfarwyddwr, Sefydliad Ymchwil Mannau Cynaliadwy a Darllenydd