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 Pengfei Gao

Pengfei Gao

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Pengfei Gao is a PhD candidate at Cardiff Business School in the Accounting and Finance (A&F) section, also a postgraduate student of the Cardiff Corporate Governance Research Group (CCGRG) and Centre for China Business Research (CCBR). He holds MSc in Accounting and Finance and MSc in Social Science Research Methods from Cardiff University.

His research interests are mainly in corporate disclosure, in particular the non-financial information. He is strongly interested in textual analysis. As a lego fanatic, he hopes to incorporate lego's innovative spirit into his research.


Diddordebau ymchwil

  • Corporate Governance (e.g. Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability)

  • Mandatory and voluntary disclosures

  • Textual Analysis in Accounting and Finance


  • BST153 Research Methods (Tutorial) (MSc Accounting and Finance)

  • BS1501 Applied Stats and Maths in ECON and Business (Tutorial) (Undergraduate, year1)


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