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Thomas Robinson

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I am a PhD Student working in the Quantum Devices group at Cardiff. 


Diddordebau ymchwil

My work involves integrating superconducting films with semiconductor heterostructure devices:

  • I primarily investigate the proximity induction of superconductivity in InSb quantum well heterostructures via deposition of thin (<100nm) films of superconductors, such as Nb, Al and Pb. 

    • This investigation is done by using a modified Transmission Line measurement to attempt to directly measure the length of the proximity induced superconducting state. 

  • I have also investigated the nature of the superconducting pairing at the Superconductor/semiconductor interface via Muon Spin Relaxation using the Low Energy Muon beamline at the Paul Scherrer Institute. 

      • A measurement on a Nb/InSb 2DEG heterostructure has been performed, with a follow on measurement on Pb/InSb scheduled for late 2022. 

  • I also work on fabrication of side gates to allow the creation of a 1D conductance state via electrical confinement of InSb 2DEGs via use of a plasma FIB etching in collaboration with the University of Surrey. 



PX2133 & PX2233 Intermediate Practical Physics I&II (2018-Current)

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