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 Monisha Margaret Peter

Monisha Margaret Peter

Myfyriwr ymchwil, Ysgol Pensaernïaeth Cymru

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.


I have an educational background in Architecture and Urban Design. I obtained my Bachelors Degree in Architecture from SRM University, India (5 year B.Arch). I am a registered Architect with the Council of Architecture (COA), India and have worked on a handful of Architecture, Interior Design and Urban Design projects. During my professional work experience I developed an interest in the field of Urban Design and obtained a Masters degree in Urban Design from Cardiff University.

I recently began pursuit of my PhD in Architecture at the Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University in October 2018. Alongside my full-time PhD studies, I am also actively involved as a part-time Tutor on the MA Urban Design (MAUD) programme.

My research interests are Urban Design and the Future of Urbanism, Contesting Urbanism, Complex cities, sustainable cities and refugees within the context of a global city.



I am actively involved as a part-time Tutor on the MA Urban Design (MAUD) programme and assists with the general administration and co-ordination of the course. My work as a Tutor also involves teaching and assisting on select modules on the MAUD.

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The Global City Vs The City of Refugees: Designing the Future of Urbanism