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 Julie Sharmin Akter

Julie Sharmin Akter

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Julie is a PhD candidate at Logistics and Operations Management section in Cardiff Business School. Her PhD research explores the sustainable supply chain management (SSCM) and its impact on garments industry of Bangladesh. More precisely, she want to focus on employees’ perception about SSCM and its moderating impact on financial and operational performance of garments industry of Bangladesh.

Alongside her PhD, Julie is a tutor for Postgraduate and Undergraduate students in the modules: Excellence in Managing Operations, Project Management and Operations Strategy at Cardiff Business School. Furthermore, she is a regular volunteer at the Skills and Development Service in Cardiff Universitys' Student Union and engages as a active organizing memeber of  Breaking Boundaries Conference (a multidisciplinary conference, led by Cardiff Doctoral Academy).

Julie holds a MBA degree in Business Administration (Major in Marketing); a MSc degree in Social Science Research Methods, and a MA degree in International Business. Prior to her PhD, Julie worked as a asistant professor in Jagannath University, Bangladesh and as an intern in the manufacturing sector for small/medium sized enterprises in Bangladesh, where she was based in the Logistics and Supply Chain Department.


Diddordebau ymchwil

  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management.
  • Employee sustainability.
  • Stakeholder of garments industry.
  • Institutional Environments in garments industry.


  • BS2003: Excellence in Managing Operations.
  • BST815: Project Management.
  • BST829: Operations Strategy.


Andrew Potter

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Reader in Logistics and Transport, Deputy Head of Section (Learning and Teaching)

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