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James Christopher Wilkins

Myfyriwr ymchwil, Conservation, Ysgol Hanes, Archaeoleg a Chrefydd

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Academic History

  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Alabama, 1996. Anthropology (Archaeology)
  • Master of Arts, University of Alabama, 2004. Anthropology (Archaeology) 
    • Thesis: "The Tchula Period in the Natchez Bluffs, Mississippi: The Grace MacNeil Site and the Homochitto Phase"
  • Bachelor of Science, Cardiff University, 2009, Conservation of Objects in Museums and Archaeology 
    • Dissertation: "Petrographical Analysis of Select Ceramic Sherds from the Whitchurch Site, Warwickshire, England"

Traethawd ymchwil

Ptolemaic and Roman Faience Vessels: A Technical Investigation

This study will investigate Ptolemaic/Roman technology in the production of faience. More specifically, it will examine methods of forming and glazing, aspects of firing, and will review archaeological reports for technical evidence from archaeological sites to develop a chronology of faience production of the Ptolemaic/Roman period in Egypt.

Start Date: October 2013

Paul Nicholson

Yr Athro Paul Nicholson

Professor in Archaeology

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