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Alun Evans

Myfyriwr ymchwil, Religion and Theological Studies, Ysgol Hanes, Archaeoleg a Chrefydd

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.


Academic History

  • BA (Hons) History & Mathematics, 2007, University of Wales Aberystwyth; 
  • MTh Church History, 2009 University of Wales Lampeter; 
  • PGCE Upper Primary Education, 2010, Aberystwyth University; 
  • Cert HE Theology for Discipleship and Ministry, 2013, Glyndwr University; 
  • PGDip Theology, Cardiff University, 2014.

PhD Research

First supervisor: Dr John Wilks


Diddordebau ymchwil

Applied theology and hermeneutics, Theological Interpretation of Scripture, theological anthropology and the interplay of doctrine and hermeneutics.

Traethawd ymchwil

What are the essential elements of a biblical and doctrinally coherent theology of dating?

Though dating is a social construct that has changed over the years because of social and cultural change (Samp and Cohen, 2010, p. 38), it is not something that has received considerable attention by theologians. While theologians and church leaders continue to reflect on topics such as marriage or on the vocation of singleness, little academic work has been done on a biblical theology of the process of starting and developing romantic relationships through dating. While there are books of pastoral advice for adolescent and young adult Christians, they by nature do not seek to ask the deeper theological questions, such as what does it mean to €˜go out with someone€™ or what theologically is romantic love in dating? These questions are particularly raised because of the development of understandings of personhood and identity (Shenk, 2010, p. ix). This research seeks to raise some of these questions and to use hermeneutics to begin the process of presenting what a theology of dating might look like.

In particular, this research will examine the use of Theological Interpretation of Scripture as a hermeneutical approach for contemporary applied theology (TIS). Fowl (2009) emphasises that scholars have argued for the space to use TIS in the academy and so this research seeks to evaluate how useful this approach is for this for answering the principle question.

Fowl, S. (2009), Theological Interpretation of Scripture (Eugene: Cascade Books).

Samp, J., and Cohen, A. (2010), €˜Love for Sale’ in Miller, K., and Clark, M. (eds.), Dating Philosophy For Everyone: Flirting with Big Ideas (Oxford: Wiley Blackwell), pp. 37­48.

Shenk, J. (2010),€˜ Foreword€™, in Miller, K., and Clark, M. (eds.), Dating Philosophy For Everyone: Flirting with Big Ideas (Oxford: Wiley Blackwell), pp. viii­x.

Start date: October 2014


Josef Lossl

Yr Athro Josef Lössl

Professor of Historical Theology and Intellectual History, Co-Head of Ancient History and Religion