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 Bader Alkaffary

Bader Alkaffary

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I am a final-year doctoral student in Marketing and Strategy at Cardiff Business School. My PhD research is focused on the development of psychological ownership in non-ownership forms of consumption practices. The primary objective is to apply the theory of psychological ownership as an explanatory theory in those consumption styles. My work aims to contribute in several ways to our understanding of the psychological element of access-based consumption and provides a basis for consumer-object relationships in the sharing economy.


  • 2017 MSc in Social Science Research Methods (SSRM), Cardiff University

  • 2015 MSc in Marketing and International Management (MIM), University of Reading

  • 2011 BSc in Business Administration track Marketing, Qassim University


Alkaffary, B. 2019. The role of psychological ownership in access-based-consumption: insights from the fashion industry. Presented at: Academy of Marketing Conference 2019, London, UK, 1-4 July 2019. 

Alkaffary, B. 2019. Exploring Psychological Ownership in Access-Based Fashion Consumption. Presented at: 6th International Workshop on the Sharing Economy 2019, Utrecht, Netherlands, 27-29 June 2019.

Alkaffary, B. 2019. A study of psychological ownership in access-based fashion consumption. Presented at: Welsh Postgraduate Research Conference in Business, Management & Economics 2019, Cardiff, Wales, 19 June 2019.


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  • Access-Based Consumption
  • Sharing Economy
  • Psychological Ownership
  • Consumer–Object Relationships
  • Accessed Fashion

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Working title: The role of psychological ownership in access-based-consumption: insights from the fashion industry

Psychological ownership has been used as a vital construct to predict individuals' motives, attitudes, and behaviours in relation to objects whether they lead to positive or negative outcomes. However, previous research on psychological ownership has tended to assume full ownership of objects. Over the last decade, consumers have increasingly engaged in alternative consumption modes such as sharing, renting and swapping goods. Alternative online platforms offer temporary access to goods rather than the traditional ownership. The clothing rental market has a large potential and could be the solution to a more sustainable fashion industry, however, fashion renting is still lacking behind in popularity and general acceptance. This thesis aims to contribute to the theoretical domain of access-based consumption by adopting psychological ownership as a lens to understand the consumer-object relationship. It will be useful because the mechanisms leading to feelings of ownership can be used to improve predictions of motives, antecedents and outcomes in access-based fashion consumption, that is, how psychological ownership might be largely formed through distinct effects in different access contexts. This will be explored by observing the routes travelled to feelings of ownership of Rent the Runway community, as it is a prominent example of access-based consumption in the fashion retail industry.

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