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 Justyna Prosser

Justyna Prosser

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Justyna is a PhD student who joined Sustainable Places Research Institute in October 2014. Her interdisciplinary research project entitled: 'Building sustainable rural communities through place-based financial arrangements' aims to survey the recent developments in fragmented and patchy field of alternative community-based financial arrangements and look at their applicability to the rural areas in UK context.The long term trend of state withdrawal poses particular challenge to the economic infrastructure of rural areas what brings about the somewhat forgotten co-operative movement back on the agenda.

The research draws upon traditions of economic/human geography, heterodox economics and rural sociology. The PhD's tittle rewarding institution is Cardiff School of Geography and Planning.


Justyna comes from Upper Silesia region of Poland, which has been traditionally dominated by coal and steel industry. She also spent significant time living and working on the family farm in Noth-East part of Poland. Having experienced life in both, rural and urban settings, Justyna has keen interest in socio-economic processes and polices shaping 'rurality' and 'urbanity', particularly in regards to financial knowledge and infrastructure. Justyna holds a Licenjat (BA degree) in Finance from Higher School of Banking in Poland (2006) and took part in Erasmus student exchange programme at Aarhus University in Denmark in 2005. She has recently completed her MSc and graduated with distinction from Cardff School of Geography and Planning (2014).


Diddordebau ymchwil

  • Alternative Finance
  • Co-operative Movement
  • Rural-Urban Divide
  • Sustainability of Rural/Urban Communities
  • Climate Change Communication and Policy