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Punica granatum extract applications

In this PhD study, PRE, total pomegranate tannins (TPT) and purified punicalagin will be prepared using the preparative LC-MS. Antimicrobial activity of PRE applications on microbe strains that infect the gum and cornea as well as anti-inflammatory activity of PRE on gingival fibroblast and excised gingiva are of main concern. Wound healing scratch tests will be concluded on gingival and corneal fibroblasts, and HaCat cells. Experiments will be done with pig eyes to evaluate the penetration and delivery characteristics of PRE and its formulations for eyes. Additionally, PRE formulations will be studied for gingival and ocular delivery to find a new and alternative treatments.

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Punica granatum extract applications

Dr Charles Heard

Senior Lecturer

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Yr Athro Alastair J Sloan

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