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Barbara Ibinarriaga Soltero

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I am a psychologist with experience in developing, delivering and investigating mindfulness-based interventions in educational settings in Mexico. I was trained as a mindfulness facilitator and the use of body awareness practices at the Human Ecology Programme, School of Psychology at UNAM (Mexico City), before studying my MSc in Social Science Research Methods (Psychology) at Cardiff University. At the moment, I am interested in bringing first and second-person perspectives to my PhD research, and I am employing qualitative methods to study the social and cultural aspects involved in the implementation of contemplative practices, mindfulness and meditation in Mexico. My doctorate research is being funded by CONACyT (National Council of Science and Technology). 


Diddordebau ymchwil


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Conference papers & posters:

Ibinarriaga-Soltero, B. (2018, July). Teaching contemplative practices in Mexico: Towards a historical account. Poster presented at the International Conference on Mindfulness, Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

Ibinarriaga-Soltero, B., & Jennings, G. (2018, June). The time for biographies: Studying pioneers of mindfulness and martial arts in Mexico. Paper presented at the Narrative and Biographical methodologies, Professional Learning and Organisational Change, University of Brighton, United Kingdom.

Madrigal Caudoro, P., & Ibinarriaga-Soltero, B. (2018, May). Psicoterapia y la perspectiva contemplativa [Psychotherapy and the contemplative perspective]. Paper presented at Congreso Internacional de Psicología Contemplativa. School of Psychology, UNAM, Mexico City, Mexico.

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