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Satisfied students

13 August 2013

Students browsing brochure

Cardiff University students remain the most satisfied with their educational experience in Wales, according to the latest results of the National Students' Survey (NSS) published today (Tuesday 13th August 2013).  

Published annually, the NSS asks undergraduates to rate their University experience in a variety of areas including teaching, assessment, academic support and personal development.

This year's survey found 89 per cent of Cardiff University students 'definitely agree' or 'mostly agree' that they are 'overall satisfied' with their student experience – the same level as last year and the highest in Wales.  

At 89 per cent Cardiff University remains above the UK-wide sector average of 86 per cent and above the Welsh average of 84 per cent for 'overall satisfied with their student experience'.

Cardiff University also recorded its highest ever response rate, with a record level of 80 per cent.

Pro Vice-Chancellor for Student Experience & Academic Standards, Professor Patricia Price said: "These results are particularly welcome as they represent the views of our final year students.

"The results show we've maintained the record level of satisfaction we achieved last year, despite a year of structural change with the introduction of Colleges.  However, we are not complacent. We will continue to invest in our student experience and work in partnership with our students."

Cardiff University has unveiled a series of new targets for the NSS with the aim of achieving 90 per cent overall for satisfaction in every School and 80% satisfaction in the assessment and feedback category by 2017.

Professor Price added: "Higher Education is a dynamic and economically challenging sector at present, yet we have set ourselves some tough targets for the NSS over the next few years.

"We will be working with staff and students to share best practice, and put the necessary measures in place to achieve these targets, and ensure that Cardiff University graduates are well-rounded, flexible, mobile and highly employable."

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