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The WISDOM Project Comes to Cardiff!

15 November 2016

The WISDOM Final Event:

The WISDOM project is concluding in January 2017 and we will be holding the project's final event on the 19th January 2017 in the Cardiff University Main Building. Our final event is a key opportunity to find out more about the leading research that has been conducted in WISDOM and see our results first hand. This event will combine technical presentations from invited speakers from the EU ICT4Water Cluster along with live demonstrations and stakeholder workshops.

For more information about this event click here.

 Main building 2016

The WISDOM Project:

The WISDOM project has developed and tested an intelligent ICT system that enables “just in time” actuation and monitoring of the water value chain from water abstraction to discharge, in order to optimise the management of water resources.

The goals of the project were to (a) increase user awareness and modify behaviours concerning the use of water, (b) achieve quantifiable and significant reduction of water consumption, (c) achieve peak-period reduction of water and energy distribution loads and (d) improved resource efficiency and business operations of water utilities due to ICT.

The WISDOM project's unique selling point is the combined use of three key elements: the adoption of a semantic approach that captures and conceptualizes holistic water management processes, including the associated socio-technical dimensions (social networks interactions with physical systems).

The adoption of Semantic modelling will enable:

  • (semi)automated control of the water system operation,
  • computer-aided decision making for human intervention,
  • data sharing among numerous components and tools, and
  • integration of the water infrastructure functionalities,
  • interfacing with other smart energy infrastructures and building systems.

Thus, in order to demonstrate the WISDOM approach, a series of pilots are being conducted each considering one or more areas of the water value chain:

Wales: In Wales we are pilots the WISDOM solution across a variety of scenarios:

  • Firstly, we have studied WISDOM’s applicability to the problem of optimising clean water networks by attempting to optimise, in real time, pumping schedules and service reservoir levels. In our final event we will present the results of how successfully the WISDOM system has been able to optimise pumping in order to reduce energy consumption within a water network.
  • Secondly, we have examined how WISDOM can enable the application of data driven modelling techniques to water network data, specifically in our trial the prediction of when combined sewer overflows (CSOs) in waste water networks will occur. In this area, we will present the accuracy of our data driven modelling approach in predicting the state of CSOs within waste water networks.
  • Finally, along with conducting the largest roll out of smart meters in Wales we are also researching consumer behaviour, and developing a range of innovative feedback mechanisms designed to improve on the six monthly feedback UK water users currently receive. This will enable us to determine how water consumers in the UK respond to feedback regarding their water usage and how feedback can be used to motivate them to achieve water savings.

Italy: In Italy we will be demonstrating how the WISDOM system can enable both localisation of leakage within a water network and the detection of contamination during the process of water abstraction. We will present results showing the accuracy of the leakage localisation technologies employed and how they have benefit water network operators in locating and resolving leakage.

France: In France we are piloting the usage of energy recovery devices in the AQUASIM simulator. We aim to understand the impact that recovering energy from waste water can have in a domestic setting. We will present the performance of the energy recovery devices that have been trailed and the results of our analysis of the applicability of energy recover devices for widespread deployment in consumer properties.

In addition to the results from our pilots the following key results from the WISDOM project will also be presented:

  • Results of lab based trials from our innovate leakage localisation approach utilising vibration sensing.
  • Results of a study into the implementation of adaptive pricing in the UK.

For more information about the WISDOM project - please click here.

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