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The way you access HR and Payroll information is changing

18 March 2013

As of this week the way you access your HR and Payroll information is changing. Karen Cooke, Business Change Lead for Cardiff People tells us more:

From today you will begin to access elements of your personal information such as your address, contact details and role related information through the new Cardiff People HR and Payroll system. This is the first significant improvement in the way that staff access and manage their personal information at Cardiff University.

In preparation for the new system colleagues in central HR and in your local area who deal with HR matters have been checking some of the data that has been moved into the new system for accuracy.  As you can imagine this has been a significant task for an organisation with 6,500 staff and the priority has been to check that salary related information has been correct.

To ensure that Human Resources can support staff across the University efficiently and effectively in checking and amending their personal data go live will be phased in for different sections of the University as follows:

Tuesday 19 March – Professional Services

Tuesday 2 April – College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Monday 15 April – College of Biomedical and Life Sciences

Monday 29 April – College of Physical Sciences

From the above dates we will need you to check your own personal data and ensure that it is accurate. . 

Inevitably with such a large amount of data and a complex range of detail there will be things that will still need to be changed.  If this information is a straight forward change such as a spelling mistake in your address or your postcode being in the wrong place then you can make these changes yourself.  However, if there are errors with any of the contractual information you can see then you will need to contact HR on people@cardiff.ac.uk  and indicate what you believe needs to be altered.  You can also ask your local HR contact in the first instance if you prefer. 

One of the necessary changes that staff will notice is Job Title within the My Job Profile section of the system.  For example if your full job title is Senior Lecturer in Ancient History the system will say Senior Lecturer.  You can still view your full job title by hovering on the blue  that can be found at the end of the job title line seen in the example below:

The e-learning modules are fully bilingual and you can choose to complete them in English or Welsh.  However you can only check your personal data online in English.  When we go live with the full version of the Cardiff People self service portal in the summer this will be as bilingual as the software allows.  If staff wish to check their own personal data through the medium of Welsh then they can contact HR to complete this via hard copy.

Staff can access the Cardiff People HR and Payroll system by going to:https://pobl.cardiff.ac.uk/ and logging in with their network university username and password. However this should not be done before you have completed the e-learning modules.

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