Ewch i’r prif gynnwys

An appeal to former students

28 June 2013

Vice Chancellor Professor Colin Riordan

The University's Vice-Chancellor will today make the largest ever fundraising appeal to alumni by a Welsh University.

Through a direct mail campaign, Professor Colin Riordan will for the first time in Cardiff University's history implore former students in the UK and overseas - 65,000 in total - to donate money towards scholarships for prospective students.

In his message, the Vice-Chancellor writes of his determination to help as many deserving students as possible to come to Cardiff, undeterred by financial obstacles:

"The University has always been open to everyone who has the talent and desire to succeed. For students, past and present, this has always been the case and I am resolute that it must stay that way.

"We need to continue attracting the best and brightest students, irrespective of their background. The University subsidises tuition fees as much as it can.

"But now more than ever, maintaining our ability to change lives by providing access to higher education depends on philanthropic support for scholarships.

"By helping extend our scholarship scheme, our alumni are enabling us to provide additional opportunities for students, ensuring that Cardiff maintains a diverse and vibrant student community."

In his appeal, the Vice-Chancellor emphasises that going to university today can seem to many prospective students a daunting financial commitment.

He therefore urges former students to consider helping this cause by donating a gift by 31 July to the Scholarships and Bursaries Fund or to support a student in the academic school they attended.

Each donation pack is personalised with old newspaper stories published during the time they attended the university.

Rhannu’r stori hon