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Developing leadership capability

23 September 2013

developing leadership capability

Staff who have completed one of the University's five leadership and management programmes have been recognised at the annual Leadership Awards.

The ceremony, which was held at the Hilton Hotel, celebrates all staff who have successfully completed Leadership and Management Development Programmes during 2012/13.

Speaking at the event the Vice-Chancellor Colin Riordan emphasised how important it was that leaders at all levels, in all areas of the University's activities used their role to enable positive change to happen.

Andrew Plasom-Scott, who is the Facilitator on the Cardiff Futures Programme, was the keynote speaker and talked about the importance of leadership narratives. How we, as leaders come across to other people; how we as leaders, notice and build on the positive aspects of other people's narratives; and finally how we as leaders help build a positive narrative for our institution.

93 people from the following five development programmes were then received their certificates from Jayne Dowden, the Director of Human Resources:

Cardiff Futures

Led by the Vice-Chancellor Professor Colin Riordan, the Cardiff Futures programme is an opportunity for academic staff to develop their career paths and to discover and explore how they might contribute to shaping the future of the University.

Sally Anstey (Healthcare Sciences)
Sophie Buchaillard-Davies (Optometry and Vision Sciences)
Sion Coulman (Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences)
Andy Davies (Business School)
Richard Day (Healthcare Sciences)
Daniel Farewell (Medicine)
Richard Gale (Planning and Geography)
Diane Gardner (Engineering)
Jonathan Gillard (Mathematics)
Julie Gwilliam (Architecture)
Mark Hannam (Physics & Astronomy)

Karl Jones (IT Services)
Tracey Loughran (History, Archaeology and Religion)
Mhairi McVicar (Architecture)
Rhys Pullin (Engineering)
Clair Rowden (Music)
Irena Spasic (Computer Science & Informatics)
Elen Stokes (Law School)
Lynnette Thomas (Planning Division)
Carole Tucker (Physics & Astronomy)
Yingli Wang (Business School)
Lorraine Whitmarsh (Psychology)
Mark Young (Biosciences)

Heads of Schools Development Programme

This programme is designed to engage and assist newly appointed Heads of Schools in facing the challenges of the strategic leadership and change agenda.

Phil Bowen (Engineering) Martin Kitchener (Business School)Paul Milbourne (Planning and Geography) Ed Wilding(Psychology)

Leadership and Management Development Programme for Research Team Leaders

This programme develops Research Team Leaders to build and leads teams; run effective team meetings; motivate and support individual researchers and develop their role as a team leader.

Anthony Alexander (Business School)
Katherine Brain (Medicine)
Xavier Caseras (Medicine)
Clarice Bleil De Souza (Architecture)
Lindsay Davies (Dentistry)
Tess Fitzpatrick (English, Communication and Philosophy)
Lise Fontaine(English, Communication and Philosophy)
Huw Griffiths (Engineering)
Gabrielle Ivinson (Social Sciences)
Simon Jones (Medicine)
Aled Jones (Healthcare Sciences)
Daniel Kelly (Healthcare Sciences)
Emma Lane (Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences)
M Manju (Engineering)
Kiran Mantripragada (Medicine)
Robert Mason (Business School)
Eugene Melikhov (Engineering)
Marion McAllister (Medicine)

Scott Orford (Planning and Geography)
Ryan Moseley (Dentistry)
Valentina Moskvina (Medicine)
Hazel Nash (Planning and Geography)
Jacqui Nuttall (Medicine)
Dimitris Parthimos (Medicine)
Rebecca Price-Davies (Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences)
Zaruhi Poghosyan (Medicine)
Jill Riley (Healthcare Sciences)
Jane Ryan (Healthcare Sciences)
Julia Sanders (Medicine)
Stijn Smismans (Law School)
Shwe Soe (Business School)
Anthony Soroka (Business School)
Kathryn Taylor (Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences)
Frank Trombley (History, Archaeology and Religion)
Maki Umemura (Business School)

Leading and Managing Teams

This 6-day workshop arranged over a 6-week period has been accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) as an Endorsed Awards. It is aimed at first time managers and team leaders, working in either Schools or Departments, who manage others formally or informally.

Sian Allister (University Library Services)
Julie Amos (Medicine)
Katy Anthony (Student Records)
Stephen Ashley (Security and Portering Services)
Samantha Barrington (Social Sciences)
Graham Bird (Web Services)
Sara Bower (Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education)
Ellie Breeze (Biosciences)
Wendy Brown (Business School)
Sarah Carrington (Psychology)
Fevronia Christodoulidi (Student Counselling)
Anne Clee (University Library Services)
Rebecca Comley (Business School)
Matt Cooper (Governance and Compliance)
Gareth Davies (Student Records)
Bruce Etherington (Community Engagement)
Angela Evans (Planning and Geography)
Kate Evans (Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education)
Ashraf A Fahmy (Business School)
Karen Fitzgibbon (Biosciences)
Ceri Frayne (Business School)
Chris Gale (International Office)
Stuart Goddard
(Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education)
Lucy Hampton (Optometry and Vision Sciences)
Helen Hare (Career Services)
Jacqueline Harvey (Catering and Bar Services)
Abi Harwood (Lifelong Learning)
Suzanne Hathaway (University Library Services)
Jo Hooper (Residence Services)
Catherine Hortop (Medicine)

Leila Hughes (Business School)
Pauline Hurford (University Library Services)
Dewi Ap Gwyndaf James (Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences)
Helen Clair Jenkins (Student Recruitment)
Jayne Jenkins (Student Counselling)
Megan Jenkins (Careers and Employability)
Mark Loftus (Security and Portering Services)
Edward Longbottom (Dentistry)
Keith Lynch (Staff Counselling)
Talib Mahdi (Engineering)
Chris Matthews (Engineering)
Steven Meek (Security and Portering Services)
Julie Mein (Business School)
Karen Moore (Student Records)
Sian Moseley (Planning and Geography)
Gemma Murphy (International Office)
Catrin Palfrey (Social Sciences)
Laura Parsons (Psychology)
Andrew Rankmore (Engineering)
Alyson Rees (Social Sciences)
Elaine Richards (University Library Services)
Kurda Saied-Al-Berezanchi(University Library Services)
Justin Savage (Psychology)
Hannah Nicole Simpson (Healthcare Sciences)
Michelle Stevenson (Business School)
Andrea Stokes (Student Advisory Service)
Kerry Sullivan (NHS Liaison Unit)
Rosalie Terpstra (Counselling Service )
James Vilares (Community Engagement)
Julie Webb (Law School)
Adrian Williams (IT Services)

Practical Leadership for University Management

Accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) as an Endorsed Award, this programme is aimed at both academic and administrative staff with significant responsibility for leading people and managing resources, budgets and projects.

Mark Aston (IT Services)
Rhian Barnes (Healthcare Sciences)
Fiona Davies (Business School)
Beatrix Fahnert (Biosciences)
Kim Graham (Psychology)
John Greenaway (IT Services)
Rhian Griffiths (Law School)
Paul Harper (Mathematics)
Jo Hunt (Law School)
Richard Lewis (Dentistry)
Ruth Lewis (Healthcare Sciences)
Tracey Martin (Medicine)
Sharon Orton (Governance and Compliance)

Tim Phillips (Maths)
Elliot Pill
(Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies)
Rossi Setchi (Engineering)
Chris Shaw
(Research, Innovation and Enterprise Services)
Mike Sobanski (Occupational Safety Health and Environment)
Tom Tatchell (Chemistry)
Lisa Thomas (Finance Division)
Susan Wong (Medicine)
Sarah Williamson (Registry)

Martin Udwin, Organisational Development Manager said: "We run this event to celebrate the achievement of all those who have completed one of our programmes of leadership development. Leadership and management capability is valued in the University. The people receiving certificates at the ceremony come from all levels of the University and span the whole spectrum of academic disciplines and professional services."

More information on the University's Leadership and Management Development programmes can be found here:www.cardiff.ac.uk/humrs/staffinfo/leadership/

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