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AESOP Congress 2015

28 Gorffennaf 2015


Earlier in July, both Professor Susan Baker, one of the Sustainable Places co-directors, and Research Associate Dr Crispin Cooper took part in the AESOP (Association of European Schools of Planning) Congress 2015.

Professor Susan Baker was chosen as a tutor for the PhD workshop which was held at the Congress Centre Academia, Stara Lesna, Slovakia. The topic of the workshop was “Fuzzy Responsibility - Multi-actors Decision Making under Uncertainty and Global Changes”. There was a particular focused on Governance as a cultural phenomenon (diverse), along with Spatio-structural, temporal, functional and conceptual dimensions of softness and fuzziness in spatial development; Growing uncertainty in decision making; Multi actors decision making; and perspectives  for fuzzy soft polycentric governance for soft and fuzzy spaces.

Dr Crispin Cooper presented at the main conference in Prague, Czech Republic in the  group session on “Transport Planning and Mobility Policies: Available and Affordable Transportation.” Crispin presented his work on on Strategic Urban Scale Models of Pedestrian and Cyclist Transport. Crispin also took part and discussed his work in the Roundtable on transport and land use.

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