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Double win at anniversary conference

22 Tachwedd 2017

Professor Andrew Henley receiving ISBE award
Professor Paul Jones, outgoing ISBE Vice-President for Research, presents Professor Andrew Henley with the Best Overall Paper in Conference award.

A Professor of Entrepreneurship and Economics from Cardiff Business School has bagged two awards at the 40th conference of the Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE).

Professor Henley picked up Best Overall Paper in Conference and Best Paper in SME Growth and Performance at the award ceremony in Titanic Belfast which followed the anniversary conference in Belfast.

Professor Henley, who also sits on the ISBE Board, said: “I am pleased and delighted that the conference programme committee chose to recognise my research through this award…”

“It is a particular honour to win the best overall paper award from over 230 conference research papers on entrepreneurship and small business on the occasion of ISBE’s 40th birthday celebration.”

Growth in self-employment and micro-business

His paper, entitled ‘Spatial Patterns of Entrepreneurship in the UK: Opportunities, Resources and Spill-over Effects’, addressed local and regional patterns in the growth in self-employment and micro-business numbers over the past 10 years in Britain.

The paper reveals that the growth in entrepreneurship is most significant in local areas where the economy is more buoyant and house prices higher, and that districts will see higher growth in small business numbers if they are fortunate enough to be closer to other areas of significant entrepreneurial activity.

“My findings highlight the particular challenges for government policy in peripheral and devolved parts of the UK away from London and the South East and other metropolitan centres in supporting small business start-up and growth.”

Yr Athro Andrew Henley Professor of Entrepreneurship and Economics, Director of Research Engagement and Impact

The ISBE is a network for people and organisations involved in small business and entrepreneurship research, policy, education, support and advice.

Their conferences bring academia together with the worlds of policy and practice to inform the debate about small business.

A round-up of conference proceedings is available on the ISBE website.

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