Ewch i’r prif gynnwys

Additional information for international students

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

When you've arrived in Cardiff, we want you to settle into your new life here in the UK as quickly as possible. In this section, you will find some help, advice and things you need to do.

Your first few days.

Man and woman chatting in cafe

Adjusting to life in Cardiff

Living abroad is a big step, and it does take time to adjust, but we are here to support and offer help should you need it.

A person with long black hair and glasses talking to a person with long blond hair in an exhibition room crowded with people.

Welcome and orientation programmes

Information on induction and orientation.

Two police officers

Police registration

Information on how to register with the police (if applicable), what documents you need and what to do if you have previously registered with the police.

Myfyrwyr yn eistedd tu allan i’r Brif Adeilad

Trwydded Breswyl Fiometrig

Canllawiau i’r myfyrwyr rhyngwladol hynny sydd wedi trefnu i gasglu eu trwydded o’r Brifysgol.

Making medical decisions

Medical treatment

Registering with a doctor/dentist, organ donation in Wales and other health-related information.

Inside Ty Coffi

Working in the UK

Find out more about the employment restrictions that apply to those students who are visa holders.

Darlithfa Wallace

Studying in the UK

Find out more about academic life in the UK, how to improve your study skills, along with where to find academic and English language support.