Ewch i’r prif gynnwys

Trwydded Breswyl Fiometrig (BRP)

The process for collecting your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) for 2021.

Initially, you will be issued with a 30 or 90-day visa vignette in your passport which will allow you to enter the UK during this period.

You will also be given a letter referred to as the 'BRP letter' which will confirm conditions of your visa, as well as where and when to collect your BRP.

Collecting your BRP card

We have arranged several locations for BRP collection near your school or accommodation. Our email message will state which location you can collect your BRP.

If your visa decision letter states that you need to collect your BRP from a post office, then visit the post office mentioned on your visa decision letter.

Your visa decision letter may state that your BRP card will be delivered to the Students’ Union but please do not visit the Students' Union or any other office until you have received an email from us about your BRP.

Alternative Collection Location (ACL) code

If you used our Alternative Collection Location (ACL) code when you made your visa application, please wait for an email from the University with a date and venue to collect your BRP card.

Collection after quarantine

If you have travelled from an amber or red list country, and have been required to quarantine in a Government designated hotel or your term-time accommodation, please ensure you have completed your quarantine before collecting your BRP.