Ewch i’r prif gynnwys

Your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

A biometric residence permit (BRP) is a residence permit which holds your biographic details (name, date and place of birth) and biometric information (facial image and fingerprints).

It also shows your immigration status and entitlements while you remain in the UK. If your student visa is longer than 6 months you will receive a BRP once you arrive in the UK. To find out how to get a BRP, please see the GOV.UK website.

When you will receive it

If you are successful with your visa application, you will be issued with a vignette (sticker) in your passport which is valid for 30 (or 90) days and will allow you to travel to the UK. If you do not travel to the UK within this 30 day period, your vignette will expire and you will need to apply for another.

How you will receive it

We have arranged several locations for BRP collection near your school or accommodation. Our email message will state which location you can collect your BRP.

If your visa decision letter states that you need to collect your BRP from a post office, then visit the post office mentioned on your visa decision letter.

Your visa decision letter may state that your BRP card will be delivered to the Students’ Union but please do not visit the Students' Union or any other office until you have received an email from us about your BRP.

Our Alternative Collection Location (ACL) code

If you used our Alternative Collection Location (ACL) code when you made your visa application, please wait for an email from the University with a date and venue to collect your BRP card.

If you have not used our ACL code

If you've already applied for your visa and you haven't chosen Cardiff University as a collection point, your BRP will be sent to a Cardiff Post Office. You will receive a letter from the Home Office to confirm the Post Office branch which you will need to visit to collect your BRP.

The relevant Post Office branches in Cardiff are:

  • 47-49 Albany Road, Roath, Cardiff. CF24 3YX
  • 234a Cowbridge Road East, Canton, Cardiff. CF5 1XB
  • 54 Clare Road, Grangetown, Cardiff. CF11 6RT

The Post Office branch will be allocated to you based on the postcode you submit in your visa application. It is possible to request collection from a different Post Office branch on payment of a fee, but you cannot request collection from us.

If you are under 18

Please use the Cardiff University ACL number to ensure that your BRP is delivered directly to you.

If you are under 18 years old and need to collect your BRP from the Post Office, you will need to be accompanied by an adult. The adult, this can be a parent or guardian, will will need to be nominated and have the correct documentation with them. They must accompany you to the Post Office in order to collect BRP. If you do not have a parent or guardian to accompany you, Cardiff University staff will be available to help. Please email studentconnect@cardiff.ac.uk with the subject line - Under 18 BRP Collection.

Please note the University can only assist under 18 year olds with collection from Albany Road Post Office.

If you have lost your decision letter

If you have lost your decision letter and can't remember the Post Office branch holding your BRP, you can try logging back into your online visa application which may include details of your BRP location.

Collecting your Student ID Card

You can book to collect your Student ID card when you have your BRP and have completed any required period of self-isolation after travel. You will receive an email to book an appointment to collect your ID card. You will need your BRP and identity documents (e.g. passport) for a right to study check to be completed when you pick up your student ID card.