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Billy Pezzack

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Billy Pezzack studied contemporary music/popular music performance at London’s Guitar Institute, graduating with B.Mus Hons in 2002.

He graduated in 2008 with PG.Dip Mus Advanced Jazz Studies at Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama Cardiff. Billy has released two original Instrumental modern Jazz C.D.’s to date with the Billy Pezzack Trio.

Guitar Techniques Magazine review of Billy Pezzack Trio 'Kink' by Roger Newell:

Pezzack has produced a fine body of music here with a fluid, free-form quality that only a performance can capture. Drummer Steve Roberts and bassist Jason Charles Rogers join Billy for this all instrumental album. The music ebbs and flows from the tighter passages into loose experimentation and it's this unpredictable quality that holds the attention. Dark and edgy at times like on the extraordinary 'Beautiful', it never lets your attention wander.

12 tracks in all, 11 self-written with the remaining track being a great adaptation of Pat Metheny's ' You Speak my Language'. Billy is quite an aggressive player at times but he also likes the use of fast runs and the switch from one to the other is almost instantaneous. Definitely one for lovers of free-form jazz, this album is well played and intricate with a constant element of danger. Warning: Proceed with caution for a musical awakening.

Arts Council funding

Billy was awarded funding from the Arts Council for creating innovative works/original Blues Jazz concept.

Huw Warren - jazz pianist/composer/professor of Jazz at RWCMD says; 'His New Blues Concept outlines some new and innovative ways of looking at conventional blues harmony and by implication creating new soloing language (and ways of soloing) in the jazz/blues genre.'

Paula Gardiner - jazz composer/bass player/head of jazz studies at RWCMD says; 'He has made several very interesting connections between the blues and contemporary jazz improvisation. It is often the new take on previously adopted theories that move a genre forward.'

Shaun Baxter, Academic Director of The Academy of Music and Sound and journalist/contributor at Guitar Techniques and Founder of London Guitar Institute says; 'Billy's playing is inventive and adventurous with a loose spontaneous feel. He has many compositional ideas based on establishing reharmonisations of existing jazz chord progressions. I believe that this makes his work important for several reasons.'