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Prosperity for all

Slums and informal settlements are often vibrant centres of economic activity, with a mesh of small-scale enterprises and home-based work. This report explores their role in participatory slum upgrading.

Urban refugees

Urban refugee economies, Ethiopia

This proposal examines the economic contribution of urban refugee livelihoods to their host towns and cities.

Street stall

Productivity in the informal economy

This report argues for a radical and new policy paradigm, to promote inclusion of informal economy workers in urban dialogues.

Busy street in Kathmandu

Post-conflict urban livelihoods

This research explores the role of the urban informal economy in poverty-reduction and peace-building in post-conflict and crisis cities.

Community housing

Livelihoods and community-led housing

This projects examines ways to measure the livelihoods impact of the CLIFF programme through a pilot project with NACHU, Nariobi.


Inclusive growth

This research focuses on access to finance for micro- and informal economy enterprises to examine the barriers, benefits and risks to microenterprises in accessing a range of financial services.

Female street trader

Rights in the City

This research explores the evolution and impacts of policies affecting street traders in two Latin American cities, Cusco and Quito.

Street trader in Arab spring

Street trading in the Arab Spring

This research analysed the position of street traders in the post-revolution cities of Cairo and Tunis.

Market in Tanzania

Law and rights for the informal economy

This research seeks to understand the risks and vulnerabilities to urban livelihoods operating in plural and contradictory legal and regulatory environments.

Chinese goods in Africa

Global exchange

Globalisation and the increasing imports of Chinese-manufactured goods to sub-Saharan Africa has had major effects on the African street economy.

Cusco market

Children in informal trading: Cusco, Peru

This study investigated the geography of children in informal trading in Cusco, Peru.

Street trader in Ghana

Making a living in the street

This research explored the themes of public space and street trade through the lens of the urban livelihoods framework.

African trader in China

African traders in China

This research compiles a series of small-scale research projects carried out over four years of African migrants in Guangzhou, active in the exports to the African sub-continent.

Street trading in Togo

Global recession and poverty in Africa

This project explored the effect of the 2008-09 global recession on the value chain of exports of garments and small manufactured goods from Guangzhou to street traders in Lomé, Togo.

Picking tea

Fair trade and the informal economy

Although Fair Trade governance operates in formalised supply chains, much of the Fair Trade movement aims to support own-account workers and micro-enterprises which are often as part of the informal economy.