Ewch i’r prif gynnwys

Teaching facilities

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Our facilities are consistently rated very highly among computing schools in the UK by students voting in the annual National Student Survey.

The School is housed in a multi-million pound building in the centre of Cardiff. We have five well-resourced multi-platform teaching laboratories, as well as dedicated teaching spaces and seminar rooms.

We support students, staff and visitors in using their own network capable devices to take advantage of the WiFi service that covers the University campus.

Students at the National Software Academy in Newport are provided with dedicated equipment whilst also utilising all School and University services.

School facilities

This flexible teaching laboratory space has a total of 79 workstations running Microsoft's Windows operating system. They are similar to the PCs available in all libraries and IT rooms across campus with some additional, locally-licensed applications.

Running Linux Ubuntu Mate LTS (Open Source operating system), this Lab contains 40 workstations each with a powerful graphics card to better support multi-threaded and graphics programming.

The 40 PCs in this teaching laboratory have better than average RAM and CPU to  support the virtual machines they host. They are connected to an isolated, local network which can be configured to better explore the security challenges facing today's professionals.

The School organises and supports a social club where like-minded students get together and practice the fun side of computer science.

Students can propose projects and practice their skills using low cost scratch-built computers (for example, using Raspberry Pis), custom build hardware (such as Arduino kits) and experiment with old desktop PC’s. Computing Club will encourage you to develop your skills, your way.

The Computing Club also organises competitions and Hackathons and visits to industry events.