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Grange Pavilion Community Garden

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Community Garden
Children helping to build the Grangetown community garden.

This project aims to offer local residents a space to grow fruit, vegetables, flowers and shrubs, and improve their gardening skills through gardening clubs and workshops.

The idea

To create a community garden at Grange Gardens Bowls Pavilion in collaboration with local residents, to grow flowers, fruit and vegetables. The garden will also be a research garden containing medicinal plants, including specific bee-friendly samples.


In February 2016, work on the Grange Pavilion community garden began with the development of a number of raised beds.

With the help of local residents and children from Grangetown Primary School, flowers and vegetables were planted and over the following weeks began to sprout and bloom.

Local residents and partners attended workshops to help learn new skills and how to transform and maintain the garden. The garden is now established and growing lots of different plants and vegetables, including plants to help bees with pollination.

Grange Gardens is one of Cardiff’s Green Flag parks.

Next steps

The garden is now in great shape for growing vegetables and flowers. It is hoped that residents will continue to maintain and look after the garden.