Ewch i’r prif gynnwys

Media lab

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

The School has a Media Lab which is open 24/7, except during Bute Building closures.

Photography equipment in media lab

Available solely to the Welsh School of Architecture (WSA) students. It is equipped with the following facilities:


  • Windows 7 CAD orientated workstations with 24in wide HD LCD screens
  • Konica multifunctional devise which enables up to A3 Colour printing, copying and scanning
  • Large format full HD projection screen and projector


Among a variety of standard office, internet and utility software the school provides the following course specific software:

  • Adobe Creative Studio Standard (Photo editing/DTP)
  • Autodesk Educational Master Suite inc various plugins (3D/CAD)
  • Rhino, inc Grasshopper 3D (3D/CAD)
  • APS Ethos (Laser cutter design)
  • Meteonorm (Weather modelling)
  • Pepakura Designer (paper modelling)
  • Sketch up Pro (3D design)

The technical office also has the following for students to borrow:

  • pool laptops
  • digital cameras
  • handy cams
  • projectors
  • webcams
  • audio speakers and mics.

The school also offers 4 x A1 plotters as well as various digital fabrication lab facilities.

In addition to the facilities provided by the School, open-access computing facilities are available in the Bute Library and also at other locations around the University. Some of these can be block-booked for teaching purposes.