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The Wales 1+2 Model of GP Training

The intention of this study is to evaluate the ‘1+2 model’ of GP training in Wales.

Typically, GP specialty training takes three years with trainees undertaking 18 months in general practice and 18 months in hospitals. In August 2020, a new model of GP specialty training was introduced in Wales. whereby trainees undertake two years in general practice and one year in hospital (the ‘1+2 model’).

Using data collected from focus groups and surveys, our study aims to report on:

  • trainee and trainer perspectives on the perceived benefits (or drawbacks) of spending a greater proportion of time in general practice rather than hospital-based placements
  • trainee and trainer perspectives on preferred hospital placements and the timing of secondary care experiences within a three-year training scheme
  • further improvements that could be made to the programme to enhance learning and preparedness for general practice.
Lead contactAlison Bullock
FunderHealth Education and Improvement Wales Pharmacy