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Longitudinal Integrated Foundation Training

The Longitudinal Integrated Foundation Training (LIFT) model provides experience in general practice throughout the duration of Foundation training.

Models vary but generally include one day per week in a general practice setting with the rest of the week spent in secondary care settings. Models have been piloted in different regions with promising results.

LIFT was introduced in Wales from August 2020 with a small number of F1 doctors.

The specific objectives of this study are to report:

  • supervisor perspectives on benefits and challenges of LIFT, including exploration of implementation and service issues
  • trainee perspectives on the perceived benefits and challenges of LIFT, exploring impact on career intentions, skills development, understanding of the primary-secondary care interface
  • comparison of LIFT programme trainees’ outcomes with the outcomes of trainees following a traditional programme.
Lead contactAlison Bullock
FunderHealth Education and Improvement Wales Pharmacy