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MedTRiM: An evaluation of a training programme to enhance doctors’ resilience

Doctors are under increasing pressure to perform without making mistakes in an environment that expects perfection. As a result, incidences of errors increase along with risks to wellbeing.

Enhancing doctor resilience reduce errors and increase wellbeing. Informed by our previous work exploring issues and strategies relating to mental toughness, ‘MedTRiM’ (Medic Trauma Risk Management) is a targeted and supportive resilience training programme for doctors. 

Resilience training aims to improve cognitive workload and distraction management, mental toughness and recognition of when to call for help.

Since July 2015, we have been conducting a formative evaluation using a multi-method approach to further inform development of MedTRiM and explore the value and impact of this training programme for doctors.

Lead contactKatie Webb
FunderWales Deanery
Start dateJune 2015